Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Professor of Accounting

Specialized Fields

Financial Reporting and Object-Oriented Programming Techniques.

Fields of Interest

Market-based accounting research,Experimental accounting

Current Research

  • “The Intraday Speed of Stock Price Reaction to Accounting Earnings Announcements: An Empirical Evidence from the Tokyo Stock Exchange”, The Annals of the School of Business Administration, Kobe University, Vol.35, 1991, 35-48.
  • “Accounting Information and Event Study: Simulation Approach by using Daily Stock Return”, Hikone Ronso, Vol.253/254, 1989, 347-367.
  • “Management Forecasts of Accounting Numbers in Japan and Daily Stock Returns Behavior”, in Shyam Sunder and Hidetoshi
    Yamaji (eds.), The Japanese Style of Business Accounting, Quorum, 1999, 119-136.