Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor of Business History

Abstract of Research and Education

I specialize in economic history, business history, and history of technology. My research focuses mainly on the modern and contemporary Japanese textile industry. I am studying 1) labor management and labor recruitment in the cotton spinning industry during the Meiji period, 2) technology introduction and research and development in the rayon industry during the interwar period, and 3) technology selection and formation in the synthetic fiber industry from the wartime period to the period of rapid economic growth. Currently, I am also researching the history of the management development of the wool industry in the prewar period and the history of management education since Kobe Higher Commercial School.

In the undergraduate program, I teach Japanese business history. The students learn about basic topics in Japanese business history, focusing on case studies. In the seminars, students learn the basics of economic history, business history and history of technology, while acquiring the skills to conduct historical research. We also experience researching and organizing historical materials.

In the PhD program, I teach business history methodology and Japanese business history. The students are expected to acquire the academic foundation required for research in business history. The aim of the seminar is to develop specialists in business history.

Details of Research Achievement