Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor of Business History

Specialized Fields

Japanese Economic History and Business History

Fields of Interest

1. Research on development of resource alternative technology from wartime to revival period in Japan
2. Research on managerial innovation of Japanese fiber companies by the advent of the synthetic fiber
3. Research on companies’ engineers who contributed to establishment and development of synthetic fiber industry in Japan

Current Research

  • “Revaluation of Regenerated Silk During the Interwar Period: Validity of Fiber Resources and the Possibility of Silk Industry Reform,” Study of Economic History, No.20, January 2017, pp.183-212 (in Japanese).
  • “Photo Album of Kanegafuchi Cotton Spinning Company and Photograph of Osaka Cotton Spinning Company’s Mill,” Japanese History, No.820, September 2016, pp.65-72 (in Japanese).
  • “A Note on Heat Treatment of Domestically Developed Synthetic Fiber Vinylon,” The Journal of the Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry, Vol.42, No.2, June 2015, pp.17-24 (in Japanese).
  • “The Development of Substitute Fibers in Wartime Japan and their Postwar Evolution: The Failure of Kanegafuchi Cotton Spinning Company’s Kanebian,” Journal of Political Economy & Economic History, No.225, October 2014, pp.1-15 (in Japanese).
  • The 1st Step of Business History, Sekigakusha, 2014 (co-edited with Matao Miyamoto and Keishi Okabe) (in Japanese).
  • Industrial Business History Series 3: Textile Industry, Japan Business History Institute, 2013 (co-authored with Takeshi Abe) (in Japanese).
  • “Chemical Engineers and Japan’s Rayon Industry before WWII: Focusing on an Analysis of the Graduates of the Applied Chemical Department,” Journal of the Japan Society for the History of Industrial Technology, Vol.18, No.1, December 2013, pp.47-60 (in Japanese).
  • “The Technology Development and the Creation of Optimum Market of Japanese Firms during War and Revival Period: A Case of the Industrialization of Vinylon of Kuraray,” Japan Business History Review, Vol.45, No.4, March 2011, pp.3-28 (in Japanese).
  • “The Technological Choice and Entrepreneur’s Decision on Advance to Synthetic Fiber Industry as a Latecomer: A Case of the Advance to Nylon of Kurehabo in the 1960s,” Entrepreneurial Studies, No.5, June 2008, pp.1-22 (in Japanese).
  • “The Technological Choice and Development of Japanese Firms during Postwar Period: A Case of the Advance to Synthetic Fiber of TOYOBO,” Japan Business History Review, Vol.42, No.3, December 2007, pp.35-67 (in Japanese).