Ph.D. in Management (MIT)
Doctor of Commerce (Kobe University)


Professor of Marketing

Specialized Fields

Marketing, Informal Information Exchange Between Buyers and Sellers.

Fields of Interest

Business Model Innovaiton

Current Research

  • “Profit-enhancing know-how disclosure: A strategic view”, The Manchester School,forthcoming.(co-authored with Noriaki Matsushima)
  • The Age of the Consumer-Innovator, MIT Sloan Management Review, 2011, Vol.53, Issue.1, pp.27-35.(co-authored with Eric von Hippel, Jeroen P.J. De Jong)
  • Reducing the Risks of New Product Development, MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol. 47, No.2. 2006, 65-71.(co-authored with Frank T. Piller)
  • "The Hypothesis-Testing Ordering System: Anew Competitive
    Weapon of the Japanese Convenience Stores in a New Digital
    Era", Industrial Relations,Vol.41, No.4,
    2002, 579-604.
  • "Innovations of Store Ordering Systems in Japan",
    in M.R. Czinkota & M. Kotabe (eds.), Japanese Distribution
    , Business Press, 2000, 263-279.
  • Previous Studies on the Locus of Innovation and Its Determinants: Literature Review, The Annals of the Graduate School of Business Administration, Kobe University, No43, 1999, 49-69.
  • "Does Sticky Information Affect the Locus of Innovation:Evidence
    from the Japanese Convenience-Store Industry", Research
    , Vol.26, 1998, 777-790.