Doctor of Business Administration (Kobe University)


Project Professor of Corporate Strategy

Specialized Fields

Strategy and Organization

Fields of Interest

Japanese style of corporate strategy and organization comparing to corporations of foreign countries as well as drastic rearrangement of corporate organization.

Current Research

  • “Exploring the Role of Trust in BtB Partnerships : A Case-based Study of the Relationship between Indian Information Technology Vendors and Japanese Customers” (co-authored with Suhas Bhargav), Kindai management review, No. 4,pp.57-72, 2016.
  • “Cultural Implications on Business Relationship Management: Japan and China”, (co-authored with 高瑞紅,Jia Fu,and Harrison Alan), 2007.
  • “International M&A and Corporate Governance”, SPOTLIGHT, 2006.
  • Cultivating Conscientious Stockholders?, Journal of Japanese Trade & Industry, Vol.22, No.2, 2003, 18-21.