Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor of Management Science

Specialized Fields

Decision Theory and Game Theory

Fields of Interest

Decision Theory, Game Theory, Economics of Information, Organizational Economics, Behavioral Economics.

Current Research

  • “A geometric approach to temptation (with an addendum on the geometry of temptation and self-control)”, Behavioral Economics of Preferences, Choices, and Happiness(Springer), 2015
  • “Leadership in the Prisoner’s Dilemma With Inequity-Averse Preference”, ディスカッションペーパー(神戸大学大学院経営学研究科)(小林創、末廣英生との共著), 2014
  • “A geometric approach to temptation”, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol.48, Iss.2, 2012
  • “Experiments on the emergence of leadership in teams” (with Kobayashi, Hajime and Suehiro, Hideo), Kansai University Working Paper Series F-49. 2011
  • “Essays on temptation and expected utility theorems”, 神戸大学大学院経営学研究科博士論文. 2010