Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor of Management Science

Abstract of Research and Education

I specialize in the field of decision science. In particular, I am conducting theoretical and experimental research on theory of individual decision making and game theory. In the former, for example, I study individual characteristics such as risk preferences, social preferences, and time preferences in individual choice. In the latter, for example, I study some issues regarding leadership in organizations.

For undergraduate students, I teach “Game Theory,” “Introduction to Managerial Mathematics,” “Topics in Business Administration (Topics in Economic Analysis),” and related subjects in “Keieigaku Tokubetsu Gakushu Program”, a special program in the school. The aim of these courses is to enable students to acquire game theory and microeconomics, which are analytical tools in a wide range of areas of management research. In the seminars, more advanced content is provided in small classes.

For graduate students, I mainly teach “Decision Sciences”. This course, along with its successor “Issues in Decision Science (Game Theory)”, provides basic skills in analyzing models of rational decision making that appear in a wide range of areas of management research. In “Decision Sciences,” I teach about the theory of individual decision making.

Details of Research Achievement