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奨学金について | 国立大学法人 神戸大学 (Kobe University) (   2022年度 千本財団新型コロナウイルス対策特別給付奨学金【直接応募】(№064) 2022年度 畑利春基金奨学金 (№068) 2022年度 佐藤陽国際奨学財団(秋募集)(№067)

Tour of the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute (DRI) Kobe

神戸大学の留学生のみなさま   グローバル教育センター特命助教の井上です。 センターでは「人と防災未来センター見学会」を無料で行います。 このプログラムは、ボランティアガイドが「人と防災未来センター」を案内するものです。 解説は英語と日本語で行ないますので、日本語が苦手な方も安心してご参加いただけます。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。   <人と防災未来センター見学会> 日時(DATE&TIME):2022/6/18(土) 13:20-16:00 詳細(DETAILS): URL:   ※質問(しつもん)があれば、井上(までメールしてください。 ※このプログラムは日本学生支援機構からの委託事業(G-Navi)の一環として行います。   Hello international students!   My name is Kosuke Inoue, Project Assistant Professor at Kobe University Global Education Center(GEC). GEC will hold a “Tour of the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute(DRI)-Kobe”, free of charge. The commentary will be Provided in English and Japanese. Anyone can participate! We look forward to your participation.   Event Title: Tour of the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute(DRI)-Kobe Date & Time: Saturday, June 18, 2022, 13:20-16:00 (JST) URL for details:   If you have any questions,…

Food and Daily Product Aid for Muslim Students

The Center for International Education is distributing food and daily products from a crowdfunded project set up to support Muslim students. Muslim students who are interested can pick up the following items from the Center for International Education (CIE) during the period below. Weekdays until Friday, February 18 From 9am until 5pm (except 12 noon until 1pm) For detail → here  

3rd dose COVID-19 Vaccine will be coming for Kobe University students

Kobe University will provide 3rd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for students in March.   You can apply for the vaccine to receive in Kobe University if you have taken 2nd dose of the vaccine and it takes 7 months or longer after receipt of the 2nd dose.     The below reservation system accepts application in the following schedule: From: 12:30 on Friday January 28 To: 24:00 on Sunday, February 6.     Reservation: Click here 3rd dose of the vaccine in Kobe University:  Dates: March 14 to March 25, 2022 (excluding weekends) Type: Moderna vaccine Location: Gymnasium 2 at Tsurukabuto 1st…


You can find some information for your daily life here.   For other language, please chose which you like.

Novel Coronavirus announcements

Please find necessary information regarding COVID-19 here.   Index of Novel Coronavirus announcements | Kobe University ( Please check here regularly since this page will be updated irregularly.

Request to report if you are infected with COVID-19 during the Summer Vacation

In case you are diagnosed of infection with COVID-19, please report to Academic Affairs, Kobe University, regardless of the country you live in, during this vacation.  For reporting, please e-mail to bkyomu3[a]  Please describe your health conditions in the message.     Please take every precautionary measure against infection such as wearing a mask and maintaining distance from others. If you are infected AND are living in Japan, we will ask you a few more additional questions such as where you have visited in the last week and how you will get medical treatment.  You are also advised to call to…

Online system for registering trips abroad

If you are traveling outside Japan, please register with the online system. Please refer the detail in the website and register your travel to GEMs system, after obtain your supervisor’s approval.   Please read carefully the university policy of COVID-19 as well.