Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor

Specialized Fields

Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management

Fields of Interest

Employee-Organization Relationship
Psychological Contracts
Recruitment and Selection
Performance Evaluation
Diffusion of Management Theories

Current Research

  • “Design of Psychological Contracts in Japanese Firms and Their Binding Force”, Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, Vol. 22, Issue. 1. 2018年
  • “Impact of Career Change on Employee-Organization Relationship: A Case of Japanese Company”, Journal of International Business Research, Vol.14, pp.180-193, 2015年1月
  • “Psychological Contract Development during Different Career Stages: A Comparative Study of New Recruits and Veterans in a Japanese Company”, 『横浜経営研究』, 第34巻, 第2・3号, 15-34頁, 2013年12月
  • “Self-regulative Changes in Psychological contracts over Time:A case of Japanese Pharmaceutical Company”, Journal of International Business Research, Vol.10, pp.19-34, 2011年6月
  • “Incremental and Discontinuous Change of Psychological Contracts over Time”, Hirao School of Management Review, Vol. 1, pp.32-55, 2010年1月