Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)



Abstract of Research and Education

My research & educational interest is in the area where human resource management and organizational behavior overlap. My specific interest is in the topic of how HR practices to capture human resource “excellence”, such as recruitment and development activities, define people’s behavior.

Using quantitative data analysis, such as corporate HR data and survey data, as well as qualitative data analysis, such as interviews and participant observation, I approach the above question.

In undergraduate education, I am in charge of a special study program for first and second year students. In the seminar, members of our seminar give scientific answers to human resource issues presented by the human resource departments of several companies based on data analysis. This is what we call “providing academic solutions”.

In graduate education, I am engaged in training professionals who can analyze practical problems. For this purpose, I offer Individuals and Groups courses for MBA students, seminars for graduate students, and other courses.

Details of Research Achievement