Doctor of Commerce
(Kobe University)
Curriculum Vitae


Professor of International Economics

Specialized Fields

International Trade, Environment, and Economic Growth

Fields of Interest

Global Supply Chain
International Trade and Environment
International Trade and Growth
Innovation and Product Cycle
Domestic Distribution Market and International Trade

Current Research

  • “The Product Cycle Hypothesis: the Role of Quality Upgrading and Market Size”, International Review of Economics and Finance, 2015.
  • “Supermdular and Supply Chain without the South”, with Wanida Ngienthi, and Fumio Dei, Review of International Economics, Vol.21, 2013, pp.562-567.
  • “Learning by Doing and Fragmentation”, with Eric Bond, Pacific Economic Review, Vol. 18(5), 2013, pp.603-627.
  • “Trade Theorems in a Model of Vertical Production Chain,” International Review of Economics and Finance, Vol. 18, Number 1, 2009, pp. 70-80.
  • “Product Quality, Wage Inequality, and Trade Liberalization”, Review of International Economics, Vol. 17, Issue 2, 2009, pp.244-260, (co-authored with Fumio Dei).