Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor of Business Economics

Abstract of Research and Education

I am investigating the management of public utilities with large networks as their infrastructures, such as railways, air and marine transport, water supply and sanitation, energy supply, and postal services. At present, I have two primary interests:
(1) quantitative analyses on efficiency measurement using production/cost function, governance effects of public/private ownership or PPP (Public-Private Partnership) on performance, and efficiency comparison between public utilities and general private firms.
(2) qualitative analysis on international comparison of coordination mechanisms between unbundled business units under vertical separation policy.

For the bachelor programme, I am teaching ‘Business-Government Relations’, a course which aims to promote an understanding of various issues in public utilities not only from an Economics perspective (e.g. the basics of Regulatory Economics, New Institutional Economics including Transaction Cost Theory and Agency Theory) but also from a Business Administration vantage point (e.g. Organisational Design Theory).

For the PhD programme, I am teaching ‘Microeconomics’, which includes the PhD-level basics of Microeconomics as one of the core courses in the programme. Students can learn a series of ‘Advanced Applied Microeconomics’ further after this course.

Details of Research Achievement