Master of International Affairs
(Columbia University)

Personal Profile


Project Professor of Finance, International Exchange Coordinator

Abstract of Research and Education

Since 2014 Yukihiro NISHIMURA has been a faculty member in charge of international exchange, sending undergraduate and graduate students to partner universities abroad through KIBER program. He has over 25 years of working experience at American and European banks and securities companies with his expertise in investment banking and derivatives.

In the undergraduate education, he teaches “Management Studies”(liberal arts course available to students in other faculties), “Introductory Management Seminar” to the freshmen. For the second and third year students who are registered for the KIBER program the following four courses are available, “Market Place”, “Business Case Competition”, “Finance”, and “Portfolio Theory and Investment”. In the graduate school he offers “Advanced Portfolio Management-Theory and Practice” in the KIMAP program.

Apart from his main responsibility, he organizes field trips, coordinates workshops with partner universities abroad, and engages in providing internship opportunities to the KIBER students. Currently, he serves as an external auditor for an asset management company and a securities company, both of which are Japanese subsidiaries of Singapore companies.

Details of Research Achievement