Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

Abstract of Research and Education

My research focus is in the research area of “human behavior in organizations” called Organizational Behavior. I have been conducting research mainly on leadership, which you may (or may not) hear about and use in your daily life. In recent years, I have been interested in employee proactivity and proactive behavior, and have been researching how to manage them and what would such management be like.

In undergraduate courses, I teach “Foreign Literature Lecture”. In this course, students read textbooks written in English on management, and learn the technical terms and knowledge that they will need when they read academic papers in English in the future. We will make various efforts to ensure that students do not just “read an English textbook.

In graduate school lectures, I will be in charge of “Special Studies in Business Administration (Organizational Behavior) ”. In this course, we will closely read academic papers on organizational behavior. In doing so, we will focus on recent academic papers in addition to academic papers that are sometimes referred to as classics, which you should keep in mind as you acquire expertise in this field (or eventually become the creators of such knowledge). Through this lecture, we hope that you will experience the interest, depth, and difficulty of organizational behavior research.

Details of Research Achievement