Doctor of Business Administration
(Kobe University)


Assistant Professor of Transport Economics

Specialized Fields

Transport Economics, Industrial Organization

Fields of Interest

Air Transportation, Logistics

Current Research

Articles in Refereed Journal

  • “Transportation policy for high-speed rail competing with airlines”, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol.116, pp. 350-360, 2018.

Discussion Papers

  • “When should a firm set its selling price to cope with gray market trade?”, Kobe University Graduate Student Working Paper Series, 2017
  • “Effectiveness of excusive territories by competing manufacturers managing dual-channel supply chains”, Kobe University Discussion Paper Series, 2017(co-authored with Kenji Matsui)
  • “Product life cycle and choice of transportation modes: Japan’s evidence of import and export”, Kobe University Discussion Paper Series, 2013(co-authored with Hideki Murakami, Yukari Matsuse, Koji Mukaigawa)