Request to report if you are infected with COVID-19 during the Summer Vacation

In case you are diagnosed of infection with COVID-19, please report to Academic Affairs, Kobe University, regardless of the country you live in, during this vacation.  For reporting, please e-mail to bkyomu3[a]  Please describe your health conditions in the message.    

Please take every precautionary measure against infection such as wearing a mask and maintaining distance from others.

If you are infected AND are living in Japan, we will ask you a few more additional questions such as where you have visited in the last week and how you will get medical treatment.  You are also advised to call to the nearby Health Center.  

Message from Director of the Medical Center for Student Health, Kobe University in August 11 (Japanese)

Information about COVID-19 from Kobe city

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare