We will hold KIMAP Research Seminar on November 8th

We will hold KIMAP Research Seminar on November 8th.
Those who wish to attend are requested to register by 5:00pm, Wednesday, November 1st.

Date and Time Wednesday, November 8th (4:45pm – 6:00pm)
Title Evaluating amenity benefits of public realm
Presenter Dr. Chinh Ho
(Senior Lecturer in GIS and Spatial Logistics, The University of Sydney)
Abstract Major rail infrastructure projects have potential to generate economic benefits beyond conventional transport benefits. The extra benefits include improved value of urban realm, arising from place-making and precinct activation initiatives as part of the project scope. A lack of economic parameter values hinders the inclusion of such benefits in economic appraisals. This talk presents a methodology designed to estimate the Willingness-to-Pay for key place-making attributes and showcases an application in Sydney, Australia.
Language English
Venue Conference Room (Rokko-dai 1st Campus, Main Building 3F)
Intended Participants Professors, graduate and undergraduate students of GSBA. Those with equivalent knowledge from other schools and universities are welcome.
Co-organised by Kobe University Center for Social Systems Innovation
Registration Please register at the URL below by 5:00pm, Wednesday, November 1st.
Contact Nobuhiro Sanko (Professor, GSBA, Kobe University)