Japanese language course for job-hunting — For internship programs in autumn —

Outline of this course
In this course, you can gain some knowledge and ability to communicate in the Japanese required for job hunting in Japan. Prepare yourself for internship programs by learning the job-hunting process in Japan, self-analysis, your strengths, entry sheets and business Japanese practically. The course is free of charge.

Every Saturday, October 21 to November 25, 2023 (6 sessions in total)

Nadacom Station on the 1st floor of the Hyogo International House

Those who fulfill the following two criteria
・International students who wish to seek a job (Taking the course during the 3rd year of undergraduate or 1st year of master’s course is recommended.)
・Those who can attend all three sessions (The contents of each session are linked with each other.)

■Required Japanese level:
Upper-intermediate level or above(Lectures and discussions in this course are provided in Japanese only.)

For more details, please refer to this website.  Japanese language course for job-hunting