We will hold Research Seminar on November 3rd

We will hold Research Seminar on November 3rd.
Those who wish to attend are requested to register by 21:00, Thursday, November 2nd.

Date and Time Friday, Novermber 3rd (National Holiday)
10:30~12:00 Career Ecosystem theory: A foundation for sustainable careers
13:00~14:30 Publishing in top journals
Title Publishing in Top Journals
Research seminar and Workshop
Presenter Prof. Yehuda Baruch(University of Southampton)
Language English
Venue Room 504, Academia Building, Kobe University Rokko-dai 1st Campus(Face-to-face only)
Intended Participants Faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students and MBA students of the Graduate School of Business Administration and other graduate schools who are interested in publishing in the top journals about organizational behavior (OB) / human resource management (HRM).
Registration Please register at the URL below by 21:00, Thursday, November 2nd.
Remarks Please bring your own lunch.
Contact Bumpei Sunaguchi (Associate Professor, GSBA, Kobe University)
Email: sunaguchi[at]boar.kobe-u.ac.jp