We will hold KIMAP Research Seminar on April 11th

We will hold KIMAP Research Seminar on April 11th. Pre-registration is not required.

Date and Time

Thursday, April 11th, 3:10 p.m.-4:10 p.m.


Dr. Thomas Lager
(School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, Mälardalen University)


Managing innovation of non-assembled products in the “family” of process industries
In search of a product innovation work process of excellence


Based on a large international research program together with Portsmouth University, and in interaction with 19 global world-leading companies from nine countries and six different sectors of the Process Industries my new book related to product innovation will be published in May by WSPC.
Managing innovation of non-assembled products is discussed in a corporate strategic perspective, and it is initially argued that a company’s competitive position is strongly related to an underlying unique and continually renewed product innovation work process, driving innovation and delivery of new or improved products in the marketplace. For industry professionals in the Process Industries in search of a seamless, easy-to-use, effective formal product innovation work process, from customer understanding to product launch, a guiding framework is disclosed with “hands-on” advice for the design of a unique corporate innovation work process. As such, a novel five-phase structural process model of the product innovation work process is presented in order to orchestrate a more dynamic interaction between product and process innovation and the integration of sustainability and product eco-design in product development.


Medium Conference Room (Rokko-dai 1st Campus, Building III 1F)



Intended Participants

Professors and Graduate students including KIMAP Students of GSBA, Kobe University.


Manabu Miyao (Professor, GSBA, Kobe University)