Leave of Absence

Form for Leave of Absence

Please contact us in advance in case you are thinking to leave the university temporarily.

Please obtain your supervisor’s approval before you submit the form.

Please submit the form before the designated deadline.

        By the end of February to leave from the Spring semester (from April 1)

          By the end of August to leave from the Fall semester (from October 1)

Leaving period: up to one year (6 months or a year).

*The tuition fee during an absent period is exempted. But, if you submit the form after a semester starts (after April 1 and October 1), you need to pay the tuition fee. Please make sure to check your payment before the submission.

●After the leaving period, you will automatically be reinstated to the university. Please submit the form again if you want to extend your leave.

If you hold a student visa, and do not have an acceptable reason for not attending the university for more than 3 months, your student visa will be revoked, and you will be forced to return to your home country. Students who temporarily withdraw will cease to satisfy the conditions for the status of residence during the withdrawal period. If you need to stay in Japan after withdrawing from the university, please consult the Immigration Bureau in advance with regard to changing your status of residence.

Please submit the reinstatement form one month before the date when you want to reinstate.