We will hold TJAR-SESAMI Joint Workshop on July 23

We will hold TJAR-SESAMI Joint Workshop on July 23.

Date and Time Sunday, July 23rd (2:00pm – 5:20pm)
Speakers and Titles
  • Yuto Yoshinaga (Tohoku University)
    Aggregate Earnings Informativeness and Economic Shocks: International Evidence
  • Ayung Tseng (University of California, Davis)
    The Rising Importance of Aggregate Earnings for Asset Prices
  • Keishi Fujiyama (RIEB, Kobe University)
    Estimating a Firm-Year Measure of Conditional Conservatism for Non-U.S. Firms: Evidence from Japan
Language English
Venue TBA (Rokkodai 1st Campus, Kobe University)
Remarks Please find the following website link for the detail.
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