Walking Tour: Kobe City Hall and the Old Foreign Settlement


*日時:2024年5月11日(土) 13:00~15:30
*場所:神戸市役所 および 旧居留地 (サンキタ広場集合)

*お問合せ:神戸大学グローバル教育センター特命助教 池田尋人(h.ikeda★people.kobe-u.ac.jp)★を@にして送信してください。


The Global Education Center will hold the following event. Please join us!

◆Walking Tour: Kobe City Hall and the Old Foreign Settlement 
*Overview: This event is a walk through the streets of Kobe while listening to commentary in English.
*Date: May 11 (Sat), 2024; 13:00~15:30 pm
*Place: Kobe City Hall and Old Settlement (Meet at SANKITA Square)
*Applicants: International students living in Hyogo prefecture or attending schools in Hyogo prefecture
*Details and application:

*Contact:  Hiroto Ikeda, Project Assistant Professor, Kobe University Global Education Center (h.ikeda★people.kobe-u.ac.jp) Please change the ‘★’ to ‘@’.