Vaccination Reservation re-open from 13:00pm on July 21

Reservation of vaccination that it will be re-open from 13:00 on Wednesday July 21 for the 1st shot dates from Monday the 26th to 30th July. 1st shot in Kobe University will be end on Friday August 8th.    Reservation:   Kobe University HP information (Japanese): Please read this page carefully regarding the vaccinations.  

Vaccination Reservation re-open from 12:30pm on July 15

COVID 19 vaccines reservation will be re-open, from 12:30pm on Thursday, July 15.   Please visit the Kobe University News on the vaccines which is updated time to tome.  This page is the source you can find out when the reservation is re-open the soonest possible.   Please note that you are not compelled to get COVID-19 vaccinations and it is completely voluntary. Not taking the vaccines will NOT put any students at a disadvantage in Kobe University. Please read this page carefully regarding the vaccinations.  

Vaccination Reservation re-open from 10:30am on July 14

There will be another small number of vaccines available and the reservation will start from 10:30am on Wednesday, July 14.  Check it out if you haven’t yet succeeded and in case you can take the 2nd shot on August 11th.   Updated News on the vaccine at Kobe University HP  

Vaccination & Weather

Today’s vaccination in Kobe University will be cancelled due to the heavy rainfall warning in Kobe this morning (on July 8th).  Cancellation notice is to be notified to those who make reservation, but please be cautions with the weather because such schedule change would happen for you.  Please refer to the information on weather warnings.   New reservation slot with limited number will be open from 12:30 today on Thursday July 8th. You will reserve two-time shots in one reservation, and you won’t be able to change the date of 2nd time shot later.

Measures for possible side effects after vaccinated

Brief translation of Message from the Dean of Graduate School of Business Administration:  The web-based reservation for COVID-19 vaccine has opened from today at noon on Friday, July 2, and vaccinations for students will start soon in Kobe University. Some students may be concerned about missing classes or exams due to side effects as young people are likely to have stronger immune responses after vaccinated. We as faculty of Business Administration, Kobe University are ready to support and will accommodate during the vaccination process, for example, by rescheduling due dates and exams, for students who have a vaccination and experience…

Updated: 1st Reservation closed on COVID-19 Vaccine for students

1st vaccine reservation slot from July 5 to July 9 has just been closed.  It will be reopen  when ready in the near future.  Please check with HP information often which may be updated in about a weekly manner.  Please note that 1st and 2nd shot have to be taken at the same place.  

COVID-19 Vaccine will be coming for Kobe University students

Please be informed that reservation for COVID 19 Vaccine will start from noon on Friday, July 2nd, from Here. For detail information, which is available in Japanese only yet, please refer to the news for Kobe University Students.  English page will be coming soon.   Briefly, the 1st shot will start form July 5th, and the 2nd one will start from August 2nd.   Reservation of the 1st shot and 2nd shot will be done at the same time.  Please note that you will have to check and see if you would like to take the vaccine or not, because this is completely optional. …

Kobe University: Information for when weather warning is issued, etc.

Please refer university website regarding the university policy of cancellation of classes and examinations due to suspension of public transport services, weather warnings, evacuation advisories/emergency safety assurance measures, or disaster announcements. Cancellation_English20210609.pdf (