Materiality in Management Studies: Development of the Theoretical Frontier


著者名 Noboru Matsushima, Akiyuki Yatera, Mitsuhiro Urano, Naoto Yoshino, Shunsuke Hazui, Sho Nakahara, Kohei Kijima, Keitaro Kuwada, Tadashi Takayama(Authors)
タイトル 『Materiality in Management Studies :
 Development of the Theoretical Frontier』
出版社 Springer 2022年3月
価格 (ソフトカバー)6434円 税込 
(電子ブック) 5147円 税込


The book systematizes the materiality concept, which has been fragmented in various fields of business administration and sometimes identified with interpretive postmodern business administration, along with the meta-theories discussed in the humanities and social sciences that aim to overcome humanistic dualism. This book is devoted to developing the concept of materiality as the theoretical frontier that has not been fully addressed in management studies, ranging from daily work practices in office spaces to the manualization of high-tech aircraft maintenance, to quantified personnel evaluations and fuel efficiency standards, to innovation using advanced scientific equipment.

Institutional organization theory focuses on the material on which the symbolism of institutions is inscribed. Organizational routine research seeks to unravel the material dimension of organizational performative practices. Organizational wrongdoing research critiques material measurement practice based on social constructionism. Critical management studies focus on the material space as a way to counter the humanistic concept of time. Science-based innovation challenges sociomaterialistic science practices that originate from devices for management of technology (MOT) that have not been able to penetrate into the workings of science and technology, actually. Up-and-coming researchers in Japanese management studies conduct empirical research that draws out the implications of the concept of materiality.


    • Prelude: The Sociomateriality and the Legacy of Structuration Theory
      Noboru Matsushima
    • Actor Network Theory and the Problem of Describing Heterogeneity
      Akiyuki Yatera
    • The Theoretical Positions of Institutions and Technology in Organizational Institutionalism
      Mitsuhiro Urano, Noboru Matsushima
    • The Materiality of Artifacts in Performing Organizational Routines: How Patterns of Action Are Created and Maintained
      Naoto Yoshino, Shunsuke Hazui
    • Practical Implications of Social Construction: Turning Constructivism to Constructionism
      Sho Nakahara, Noboru Matsushima
    • The Spatial Turn in Social Materiality: Organizational Space in Critical Management Studies
      Tadashi Takayama, Noboru Matsushima
    • The Material Turn in New Realism and the Science Based Innovation
      Keitaro Kuwada, Noboru Matsushima
    • Epilogue: Materiality Concept in the History of Management Studies
      Kohei Kijima, Noboru Matsushima