For Fall semester 2023


Fact sheet Please check all information carefully and contact us if you have any inquiries. 

Application procedure 

From February 1

         to May 10







①Please send the following 4 documents via email. 

    1. Academic transcript

    2. CV (free format) 

    3. Home University nomination letter

    4. Application form

②Please fill out the online COE application after you receive an email with a link. 

  You will need to upload the following 3 materials.

    1. Your photo  2. Scanned data of your passport  3. Financial proof.

     Please refer to COE online application sample for application details

→ An Acceptance Letter will be sent to you in late May.

→ COE will be sent to you once it is issued by the Japanese Immigration office via email.

University Orientation


TBA   <Please check all materials from here.>

  Orientation for daily life at Kobe University

Faculty Orientation


September 29, (Fri) 1:30 pm at main building room 306

  Orientation for enrollment, course registration, and so on.

Fall semester schedule


October 2, 2023 to March 31, 2024. 

The course syllabus and timetable will be available from early September.


   ☆Please submit arrival information sheet once you have decided on your travel schedule.

 ☆Dormitory information : Please find more information here.



 ◎Course Registration:September 29 to October 13

    The detail of the course registration will be explained at the faculty orientation in September.

  – For KIMAP courses : Schedule | SESAMI Program ( 

       ※Some courses might be unable to take due to the capacity. 

  – For Japanese courses : GEC website

   You need to take the online placement test before you choose your course.

   (If you have never learned Japanese, please just choose Elementary courses.)

  – For other courses : University Syllabus Website


Some other information 

   Before entering Japan, you need to register your information through the website : Visit Japan Web

   Other useful information : Guidebook for International students Kobe University 2023

             SIM card is available at Kobe University Coop 



For Spring semester 2023


Experiences at Kobe University