The Determinants of Creativity and Analytical Ability: Working Memory, ERP Components, and their Mutual Interdependence



This paper empirically examines the determinants of creativity and analytical ability, incorporating both working memory and event-related potentials (ERP) components. Our results show that (1) creativity is positively affected by verbal working memory; (2) analytical ability is positively affected by spatial working memory; (3) creativity is negatively affected by P300 amplitude; and (4) subcategories of creativity negatively depend on analytical ability, but analytical ability is independent of creativity. Thus, no common elements were found among working memory and ERP components, accounting for creativity and analytical ability. In particular, results (3) and (4) are novel findings among the related literature. Result (3) suggests that the allocation of attentional resources to current cognitive tasks impedes creativity. Result (4) can be interpreted as a negative relationship between the phonological loop and the visuospatial sketchpad in working memory.

Keywords: Creativity, Analytical ability, Working memory, P300 amplitude

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