Mobile Health (mHealth): Rethinking Innovation Management to Harmonize AI and Social Design


著者名 Kota Kodama,  Shintaro Sengoku(編著)
Makoto Niwa, Yasushi Hara(第5章 著) 他
タイトル 『Mobile Health (mHealth):
 Rethinking Innovation Management to Harmonize
 AI and Social Design』
出版社 Springer 2022年10月
価格 (ハードカバー)20019円 税込  (電子ブック)16015円 税込 


This book examines the current status of mHealth development, regulations and the social background in Japan, South Korea and China, comparing it to the situation in the United States and the European Union and consider solutions to issues surrounding mHealth.

The recent progress in mobile technology, represented by smartphones and smart watches, has been remarkable. A service called mobile health (mHealth), which uses such mobile technology to manage health, is also becoming a reality. Although the accuracy of medical devices is not as accurate as those used in medicine, the biometric information such as heart rate and SpO2 can already be monitored over a long period of time. Although the technology is maturing to the point where it can be implemented in society, it remains an unapproved service of medical care in most countries. The development and social implementation of mHealth is most active in the US, but social implementation is gradually progressing in other countries as well. In this book, we will first discuss what kind of global and harmonized regulations are desirable by comparing the regulatory reforms necessary for social implementation of mHealth. In addition, mHealth raises privacy concerns in the US because the usual behavior and biometric information of subjects is utilized by private companies. In addition, it is important to note that the behavior and biometric information of subjects collected by smart devices is automatically analyzed by AI technology, mainly machine learning, which makes the analysis a black box.


Global Scale Comparison of mHealth Regulation
Introduction of the Concept of AI in the Field of mHealth While Discovering the Trends in the mHealth Research Field
          Kota Kodama, Karin Kurata, Jiamfei CAO

Relationship of Innovation and Regulation on mHealth
          Reiko Onodera, Shintaro Sengoku

The Current Situation of Mobile Health in China from the Perspective of Policy, Application, User Acceptance :
A Multi-Method Systematic Analysis
          Jianfei Cao, Xitong Guo

Digital Healthcare Development and mHealth in South Korea
          Yeong Joo Lim, Tack Joong Kim

Regulations and the Status of Social Implementation of Services on mHealth in Japan
          Makoto Niwa, Yasushi Hara

Precision Public Health and the Role of mHealth: The Use of Smartphone Applications Worldwide in Mitigating the COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Integration as Components of Public Health Policies. A Focus on the French Example
          Lefèvre Thomas, Guez Sabine

Summary of the First Half and the Possibilities and Problems Related to mHealth in the Later Chapters
          Kota Kodama

Discussion of mHealth Development with Case Studies
mHealth as a Component of Next-Generation Health Care
          Makoto Niwa

mHealth’s Potential for Measuring Work Attitudes in Psychological and Physical Factors
          Nobuki Hashiguchi

mHealth Beyond Healthcare -Fusion Approach Towards Better Wellness-
          Shintaro Sengoku

Mobile Health for Preventive Healthcare
          Tomoki Aoyama

Overall Summary
          Shintaro Sengoku