Current Issues in Public Utilities and Public Policy: Empirical Studies Focusing on Japan


著者名 Fumitoshi Mizutani, Takuya Urakami, Eri Nakamura(編著)
Nobuhiro Sanko(第8章 著)他
タイトル 『Current Issues in Public Utilities and Public Policy:
 Empirical Studies Focusing on Japan』
出版社 Springer 2023年1月
価格 (ハードカバー)22879円 税込 (電子ブック)18303円 税込 


This book is novel in that it reveals significant issues of economics, management and business fields currently observed in network industries such as public utilities and transportation, and provides empirical evidence of their mechanisms and policy implications from various perspectives. This is a holistic collection of literature on public utilities economics and management, since the industries discussed include a wide range such as electricity, water supply, sewerage, transport, and postal service, which compound social infrastructure as public benefit service, and the issues examined contain not only economics topics such as cost, efficiency, and productivity, but also management topics such as governance, strategy and organizational restructuring. The book also investigates general private companies to derive future implications for policy and governance of public utilities, and covers multiple countries such as Japan, the US, and Vietnam. It demonstrates various empirical approaches and methodologies for public utility analysis through 17 chapters by experts in each field, which contributes to further cultivation of empirical studies in public utilities.


Fumitoshi Mizutani

Public Utilities and Infrastructure

  • An Analysis of the Effect of Demand Response on Electricity Consumption: Assessing Households’ Heterogeneous Reaction to Dynamic Pricing
    Fumitoshi Mizutani, Takuro Tanaka, Eri Nakamura
  • Estimation of Tap Water Demand in Japan: A Panel Data Analysis
    Noriyoshi Nakayama, Takuya Urakami
  • Economies of Scale and Consolidation Effects in the Japanese Sewerage Industry
    Tomoyasu Tanaka
  • Productivity Measurement and Decomposition of Total Factor Productivity in Japan’s Postal and Parcel Delivery Industry
    Shuji Uranishi
  • Preferential Slot Allocation for LCCs at a Congested Airport, and Airfare: The Case of Haneda Airport in Tokyo
    Jun Mizutani
  • The Impact of Airport Concession on Technical Efficiency: Evidence from Major Airports in Japan
    Koji Adachi


  • Travel-Based Multitasking in Japan Between 2001 and 2016: Descriptive Analysis
    Nobuhiro Sanko
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Daily Travel and Long-Term Subjective Well-Being
    Chikako Keumi
  • The Relationship Between Bicycle Accidents and Urban Structure in Cities in Japan
    Yusuke Suzuki
  • Brand Strategy in Airline Mergers: Simulation Examples with Delta and Northwest
    Ryohei Yamamoto
  • The Impact of Cooperation on the Multimarket Contact Effect in the U.S. Airline Industry
    Ryota Asahi

Governance and Policy

  • The Japanese Sewerage Industry: Institutional Aspects and the Governance Systems
    Takuya Urakami
  • Evaluating the Institutional Reforms and Private Participation in Japanese Container Ports—Evidence from Multi-stage DEA Analysis
    Hiroki Sakai
  • Industrial Structure Change and Corporate Strategy: The Case of the Japanese Apparel Industry
    Xueying Wu
  • Effects of Sustainable Development Goals Engagement on Profit in Public Utilities: Comparison with General Private Companies
    Eri Nakamura
  • The Relationship Among Corporate Social Responsibility, Network Cooperation, Green Innovation, Environmental Performance and Firm Performance: Evidences in Viet Nam
    Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Hoang Anh Vien