GMAP SESAMI Academic Research Seminar「Special Lectures on Choice Modelling」を開催します

3月15日(金)に、Stephane Hess教授(英国・リーズ大学)を迎えて、Special Lectures on Choice Modellingを開催します。を開催します。詳細はポスターをご覧ください。

Date & Time

Friday 15 March 2019

  • Session 1(8:50-10:20)
  • Session 2(10:40-12:10)
  • Session 3(13:20-14:50)
  • Session 4(15:10-16:40)


Main Building Room #208, Rokkodai 1st campus, Kobe University

Guest speaker

Dr. Stephane Hess
Professor of Choice Modelling, University of Leeds
Director of the Choice Modelling Centre, University of Leeds

Intended Participants

Masters/Doctoral students and professors who are interested in choice modelling




Participants for Sessions 1 and 2 bring their laptops.


For further information, please contact us:

  • (for general query)
  • (for specific query on lecture contents)
    Nobuhiro Sanko(Professor, GSBA, Kobe University)

Pre-registration is recommended to reserve your space.